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The external converter shell and end bushings are warranted against defect in materials or workmanship for 5 years/50,000 miles from the date of installation, whichever comes first; Transfer Case Assemblies, Transmission Assemblies, Long/Short Blocks, and Cylinder Heads (Excluding Cummins): 3 Year/100,000 Miles; All Else: 24 Months. See ... Whining noise in case 580 Super K case 188 fuel pump timing and torque specs on rocker arms 1969 case 530ck 4/390 Cummins Injector R&R ? Check and add Hydralic fluid points and plugs 530 ck power steering fluid type & how much will it hold a.j. 580C leak @ throttle lever on fuel injection pump 430 case industrial backhoe Case tractor model ... Welcome again. We know how busy you must be, and so we appreciate very much the time you're taking to read about us at the Walker House. If you've visited the Big House in the past 6 months or so,... Jul 02, 2017 · Haven't seen any spray on the front of the toad, except for the coolant from a cracked surge tank (another horror story). Hopefully I will have a real answer next week. The motorhome is at a Cummins Service Center about150 miles from home with a Check Engine light dealing with a VGT actuator. I asked them to give me an answer.